Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair for Big Guys

Are you looking for Best Heavy Duty Camping Chair for Big Guys? Do you pick out a chair without prior information about it or do you take your time to check out the features built into it?

A lot of campers have been frustrated because their chairs offer nothing other than it folds; this is why we have written this article to bring you up to date on the benefit your camping chair has to offer other than its folding ability. We believe that a camping chair should offer a considerable level of comfort and convenience without being way over budget. And because there are lots of chairs out there to choose from, we have taken the time to put you through some guideline to help in your choice as a first-time camper or to make a better choice than you did before.

Best Camp Chair for Big Guys – Our Top Picks

ImageNameSpecial FeaturesPrice
ALPS Mountaineering King Kong ChairCheck Latest Price
Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can CoolerCheck Latest Price
Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports ChairCheck Latest Price
Browning Camping Strutter ChairCheck Latest Price
Sport-Brella Chair with Removable Umbrella and FootrestCheck Latest Price
King Camp Moon Saucer Camping ChairCheck Latest Price
SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy ChairCheck Latest Price
500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair (Blue)Check Latest Price
ONIVA – a Picnic Time Brand Big Bear XXL Camp ChairCheck Latest Price
King Camp Heavy Duty Compact Camping Folding Mesh ChairCheck Latest Price

In this article, we have carefully selected some of the top rated heavy camping chairs you can take pride in, all of which are affordable, durable and very comfortable. Furthermore, we have a buyer’s guide in place to inform you about the various things you need to know about camping chairs in order to make a lasting choice.

1. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

 Check Latest Price

What better way do you need to enjoy your outdoor experience this summer than with the exclusively built King Kong chair. You wouldn’t believe its value until you take your first seat in this chair. Right from that moment, we can assure that you’ve gotten yourself a favourite.

Constructed with a steel frame, the King Kong chair stays balanced on the ground to take your weight while its premium quality 600D polyester fabric offers every assurance you need for comfort and stability with no risk of falling.The King kong camping chair comes with loads of conveniences to make sure you enjoy your time out without stress. These features include an adjustable armrest with a cup holder on each side. So you can sip on your beer or coffee as you watch the glowing embers spark from your camp fire.

The chair also has a side pocket where you can easily reach to keep or retrieve your phones, novels and so on. You need not worry about having to carry the chair about because the King Kong chair can be folded to fit into a shoulder bag for ease of carrying and storing without taking up much space.

And if you consider yourself too big or oversized for a camp chair, we are glad to tell you that the King Kong chair stays true to its name and can bear a weight capacity of 800lbs without fail, which is twice more than what other camping chairs can offer.  So what other excuse do you have?

This is a perfect product that offers you much more than you paid for.What we Liked

  • High quality and durable chair
  • Made with well padded and strong fabric
  • Easy to set up
  • Offers comfortable sitting space
  • Built to conveniently bear your weight without break
  • Can be conveniently carried about and stored without taking up space

What we Don’t Liked

  • It has an extra support across the front that makes it difficult to sit in a position for long. This prevents you from stretching your leg and could hinder the flow of blood through the legs. Other than this, the KingKong chair is very ideal for your camping adventure.
  • Gives off a rubber smell when bought newly. This can be removed by airing it outside for some time.
  • Too pricey for an average camper

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2. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair

 Check Latest Price

Enjoy an awesome camp experience with the Coleman Quad chair. Well-built with powder-coat steel, the quad chair has the strength to take a weight capacity of about 325lb without break. Coleman quad chair is an ideal camping chair for tailgating and it is fully padded on the seat and back with polyethylene foam for great comfort.

In addition to this, the Coleman quad chair has a meshed cup holder on each armrest to hold your drinks and you can stay refreshed with cold drinks from 4-can cooler built into the chair while you keep watch. This cooler feature makes it a unique product you will b grateful for especially when you camp out in summer. The quad chair also has a side pocket to hold some personal items you need close by as you sit.

Talk about size, this chair is easy to carry about when folded in its case and can be stored conveniently when not in use. Its adjustable armrests make it convenient for an average sized individual to get in and out of the chair while the steel legs are covered with rubber to protect the edges thus increasing its durability. Coleman quad chair is one of the best camping chairs that offer you more comfort than you paid for.What we Liked

  • powder-coat steel frame offers a steady balance
  • Comes with padded back and seat
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Compact and can fit into a car trunk
  • Built-in 4-can cooler to store drinks and snacks
  • Suitable for outdoor activities like tailgating
  • Conveniently bear a weight capacity not more than 325lbs
  • Easy to fold and unfold

What we Don’t Liked

  • It is quite heavy
  • Steel get rust with time
  • It has a fixed seatback that doesn’t allow its user to recline

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3. Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

 Check Latest Price

Are you always worried about falling off from an unsteady camping chair; then the Kijaro dual lock chair should be your best alternative. Your first attraction will be towards the no-sag seat that allows you to sit upright while you watch the sun set at the beach.

With a sturdy aluminum steel frame, the chair conveniently takes your weight capacity as long as you don’t exceed 300lbs and it gives the posture support needed to keep you upright for as long as you want without cramps. The seat back is clothed with a breathable mesh to keep the air circulated especially in summer.Like most luxurious camp chair, Kijaro chair has a cup holder on each armrest and an extra lock feature for user control.

The best folding camp chair can be carried about in its carry-on bag, which increases mobility and storage on fields and camp trips. When not carried in its pouch, the camping chair has a carry strap with which you can carry it with you over a short distance. Kijaro the best camp chair for big guys is also available in a wide array of colors you can choose from.

Its dual lock opens for great seating stability while the push button closes the chair into its carry form for mobility. It also has a built in pocket to keep your needed items handy and within reach.What we Liked

  • Does not sag but sits flat and firmly
  • Offers great posture support
  • Keeps every little stuff in one place- the side pocket
  • Dual lock for users’ convenience
  • Sturdily built for convenience
  • Carrying pouch and a built in carry strap is added for mobility
  • All features are functional

What we Don’t Liked

  • Heavy weighted at 7lbs
  • The chair is not water resistant
  • It is not an ideal chair for beach trips as its frame corrodes easily in salt water

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4. Browning Camping Strutter Chair

 Check Latest Price

Break out of a boring camp routine and try the new and comfortable strutter chair from Browning. As a camping chair, the Strutter seems more ideal for camouflage hunting because its color blends perfectly with the brown bushes. The hunting chair is built low to keep you above the ground and well hidden from sight as you watch your next prey.

Your balance is assured for as long as you sit on the chair because it is well built with a rigid powder-coated steel frame. The strutter seat is made with a durable and well padded Realtree XTRA HD fabric for long hours of comfort.

The strutter has a compact folding design and can be folded into a small portable size while you carry it around in its pouch or as the case may be, with its padded carry strap. The strutter is one of the best camp chair for big guys with high durability and at a reasonable price. It can conveniently take a 300lbs weight without break.What we Liked

  • Low design to keep a low hunting profile
  • Camouflage seat material
  • Rigid build offers great balance
  • Padded carry strap and pouch for comfortable mobility

What we Don’t Liked

  • Heavy
  • Can be difficult to get in and out because of its low design

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5. Sport-Brella 3-Position Recliner Chair with Removable Umbrella and Footrest

 Check Latest Price

Hello campers, if you think you know about all camping chairs, we’ve got a surprise right here for you. Taaadaaa! It’s the Sport-brella camping chair reviews, perfect for all weather, be it summer, fall or winter. It should excite you to know that it has all the features you expect from a camping chair and more. The sport-brella has a UV protected full coverage umbrella that shields your body from the direct sun rays that could be harmful, thus protecting the skin from about 99 UVA/UVB rays especially on sunny afternoons.

The camping chair offers three different sitting positions without compromising its comfort. You can sit up, recline into the chair and even take a short nap while others watch, and you get to enjoy it better as you stretch out your feet on the removable footrest.

You know you love this chair just at first sight. It is very lightweight and extremely comfortable. Its steel construction can hold up to 250lbs weight capacity without fail and when not in use, you can easily pack it into its bag for easy storage.

The sport-brella can also take extra stuff you need close by you while seated, while you can enjoy a cool can of soda from its built-in insulated pocket but if you choose to sip on a cup of coffee, you need not worry about spilling it, as the cup holder molded into each armrest would nicely hold your cup. And in case you come loaded with bottles of beer, there is always a bottle opener in one of the side pockets for your convenience. What else do you need in a camping chair?What we Liked

  • Great design to meet every of your chair need
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Offers up to 50% protection against THE sun’s UV rays
  • Can be adjusted and enjoyed in 3 different but comfortable positions
  • Can be folded into a smaller size for easy portability

What we Don’t Liked

  • Does not hold up for a long use
  • Reclining button may not have problem
  • Fabric may rip apart after sometime
  • A nice concept like this needs durable materials to make it last

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6. KingCamp Moon Saucer Camping Chair

 Check Latest Price

Exchange your old chair for the latest budget-friendly KingCamp moon saucer chair. It makes you more addicted to camping and what’s more is that you wouldn’t go anywhere without this wonderful camp partner. The moon saucer is first a great design built with a strong foldable iron steel frame and clothed with a tough polyester fabric. The chair material is breathable and moisture-wicking, making the chair perfect for summer and you get extra comfortable in the all-around padded seat and armrests.
The shape of the chair makes it one that is so impossible to get up from, which is why the Kingcamp moon saucer is loved by kids and adults as well. You can as well enjoy other features of the moon-shaped chair including its cup holder and a pocket to keep some of your personal stuff. The moon saucer can be stored and carried about in its carry bag without much stress. This chair is suitable with an appropriate popup tent.What we Liked

  • Very comfortable
  • Its sturdy build will hold your weight without fail
  • Made of strong, long-lasting materials
  • Can be conveniently carried about in its own bag

What we Don’t Liked

  • It is low to the ground and may not be comfortable for tall adults above 5ft
  • Slightly heavy

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7. SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

 Check Latest Price

We believe that the Kelsyus canopy chair would make a great outdoor accessory you can’t do without. We were drawn to its amazing canopy bag that serves the dual purpose of shading its users from direct sunlight even as you use it as the carry bag in which the chair is folded after every use.

Attached to the strong powder-coated steel frame is a breathable mesh seat and well-padded armrests into which a cup holder is sewn.This steel frame can support 250lbs without break while its oversized seat will bear you comfortably until you get up from it.What we Liked

  • Dual purpose canopy bag
  • Strong and rigid frame for support
  • Offers protection from direct sunlight and rainfall

What we Don’t Liked

  • Does not offer much sitting comfort

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Heavy Duty Camping Chair Buying Guide:

Buying a camping chair is not difficult, but choosing the best and perfect fit out of the many choices available could be very tasking. This is because different brands will claim to offer quality and durable products which you won’t be able to tell until you test, hence this buyers guide.

We intend to take you through the step by step guide you need to make sure you get the value for your money and if possible, a greater value at a low cost.In this guide, you will find out about the different outdoor activities you can use your camping chair, the best chair that suits each activity, and the various factors you may need to consider before pointing to that colorful chair that has caught your interest.

The product reviews given above are based on manufacturer’s description and comments from the customers who have bought and tested the camping chairs.

Factors to consider before buying

  • Construction: the quality of a good camping chair is first determined by its frame build. The frame can be made of iron, steel or aluminum but majorly powder-coat aluminum
  • Material: usually polyester fabric, cell foam padding, and so on. Ensure to go for chairs that are well padded, well stitched and covered with water resistant materials. Some chairs are made with breathable mesh fabrics to allow for better aeration especially on sunny days. Whatever you choose, ensure it is made of heavy-duty fabric
  • What is the chair suited for? It is very common to buy a high camping chair when all you need is a low seated chair for turkey hunting. Be sure to confirm this before closing in on your purchase
  • Capacity: never go for a chair with a load capacity that is slightly above your weight but go for one that has the strength to take twice your weight, just in case
  • Comfort
  • Portability: does the chair fold or not? Does it come with a bag or case?
  • Storage
  • Extra features such as shade, footrest, reclining capacity, pockets, cooler, cup holders and adjustable armrests
  • Price: you don’t need to spend too much to get a balanced and comfortable camping chair except you need one of the luxury chairs which usually cost more.
  • Weather resistant/waterproofed
  • Does it offer back support?

Types of Camping Chair:

Camping chairs fall under different categories which are majorly defined by different factors. The type of camping chair may be determined by the function it serves, the size or weight it can carry, and the features built into the chair. Camping chairs can be categorized as:

Traditional: Constructed traditionally to have a sturdy build and are often raised above the ground. Traditional camping chairs are comfortable and flexible in use and are often preferred above other types.

Portable: The best portable high chair are usually lighter in weight than the traditional. Unlike the traditional chairs, portable chairs are suitable for hunting, tailgating or fishing- situations where you may need to be closer to the ground to stay well out of sight.

The only problem with the portable chair is that they are sometimes difficult to get out of, due to the low design.Camping chairs could also be hybrid (a touch of traditional and portable features built into one chair) and luxury camping chairs are known for their high cost and comfortable design as in the case of the Sport-brella chair and other brands.

Each of these chair types could be collapsible for easy portability, while some are not foldable. Despite these differences, each chair has a particular age group and weight capacity it is built for in order for one to get the best experiences from different uses such as tailgating, picnics, stargazing, fishing, hunting and different sporting events. Also known as the best portable fishing chair.

Sometimes, the type of chair you have may determine the function it serves. For instance, a canopy chair may be perfect for the beach and will not be suitable for hunting where you may want to stay hidden as much as possible. Smaller camp chairs, on the other hand, are ideal for festivals and sporting events. In any case, you might want to check for restrictions placed on the type and height of chairs you bring to a particular location.

Choosing The Perfect Fit:

The camping chair should have the following features

  1. Foldable frame
  2. Adjustable armrests
  3. Cup holders
  4. Pocket
  5. Carry bag
  6. Sturdy steel or aluminum frame
  7. And other extras such as cooler canopy/shade, reclining option, removable footrest and so on.

Since you can’t know if a chair fits until after purchase, it is very necessary to ensure you make the right choice to avoid the stress after. How will you know if a chair is the right fit for you?

  • Identify what is the intended use or types of activities the chair is meant for
  • Who is the chair for? A kid, an adult or an elderly
  • Extra features such as side pockets to keep your personal stuff close to you
  • Season and weather condition- this will determine if you should go for a waterproof type or a shaded chair. Some chairs also protect against UV rays on hot summer days.
  • Cleaning- how does the chair absorb dirt and how convenient it is to clean
  • The seat level- higher seat for the tall or aged which will be much easier to get in and out, while a low-seat chair should work for kids and short buyer.
  • Portability and storage- how convenient will it be to pack and unpack or to carry about? Some chairs are packed with carrying bags while others have carry handles, this is to ensure that you can easily move the chair if need be and that it can be stored without requiring much space
  • Size of the chair- this is important especially for customers who wouldn’t be able to carry a heavy chair on their own.
  • Don’t go for your exact size. Always ensure you pick a chair slightly bigger than your size to avoid having to squeeze into the chair.


We sincerely hope that with the guide and review outlined in this article, your next camping chair will be a kind that will last you through the next season and beyond while offering the fullest comfort you expect from the chair. Do have it in mind that you can’t get all the features you want in a chair, and by this, you may need more than one camping chair for your different purposes. Be sure to carefully pore through the different reviews you find on any buying site you visit, we believe this will give you a prior knowledge about the product you are choosing. For the best camping experience you wish for, be sure to choose the best chair for yourself. Have fun camping.

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