Best Bean Bag Chairs For Gaming 2021

The bean bag chair, also known as “comfy sack” has been in existence long before it gained a wide popularity. I remember longing to own one as a child just to experience the fun of bouncing up and down the soft cushion. The bean bag chair was exclusively made for children until now that it is enjoyed by the old and young together.

These days, bean bag chairs are not considered ideal for gaming chairs because they don’t offer the comfort and posture support you expect from a gaming chair, but a relaxing pleasure for its owner. Different reviews has shown that best bean bag chairs for gaming seem like an ideal gaming chair for gamer and most of them are endeared to its inflatable and blobbing nature and the fact that it comes in different shapes and colors. Some bean bags like the L-shaped Ace Bayou mesh bean bag chair are perfect for gaming and thus can be recommended for adults.

Best Rated Bean Bag Chairs – Our Team Top Picks

Comfy sacks are sometimes more affordable than couches and sofas, and could easily serve as an alternative when cost is considered. The bean bag chair doesn’t take up much space in the room and can be an addition in your game studio or living room. Bean bag chairs are also available in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Stay relaxed as you watch your favorite team play on this double stitched Vinyl beanbag. The pear-shaped beanbag offers a partial back support as you sit in it. The bag is filled with polystyrene beans concealed within the zipper closure for guaranteed health safety. The bean bag is available in a range of team colors such as the Alabama Crimson tide, Appalachian state mountaineers, Arkansas razorbacks, Auburn tigers, Clemson tigers, Ohio state buckeyes, Duke blue devils, Georgia blue dogs and lots more.

What we Liked
  • Lightweight at 8 pounds
  • High quality no lead ink graphics
  • Strong and comfortable
  • Double stitched
  • Refillable bag with zipper closure
  • 100% recyclable
What we Don’t Liked
  • Would require being stuffed with extra beans or fillers
  • Can easily get punctured

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

If there is a possession worth fighting for, then be prepared to defend your space on this comfy giant sack. It is neither too big nor too small, but basically on the average to rightly fit into your space. The beanbag is made with soft microfiber cover with memory foam stuffing. The bag gives way into a cozy depth where you end up stuck and spending the rest of the night in. chill sack molds to fit your body like a child snuggles into her mother and at the same time can expand to make for a love seat. It is also a perfect furniture in your game room where you can recline comfortably to win your favorite video game.

What we Liked
  • Double stitched for extra strength
  • Removable
  • Machine washable
  • Stain resistant
  • Zippered closure
  • Inner liner included
  • Expandable into full size
  • Positive
  • Available in different colors
  • High quality and durable product
What we Don’t Liked
  • Gives off a chemical smell when still new
  • Requires an extra task of braking the memory foam into piece

Merax Adjustable bean bag sofa

If you wish to enjoy soft cuddly relaxation that your spine will thank you for, then Merax bean bag is the best for you. The floor sofa has a microfiber cover with comfortable padding. It has a steel frame construction to hold up the shape without being too heavy to carry about. Merax beanbag is cushy and supportive and offers you 5 different adjustable positions to keep your spine, neck and waist in perfect shape. You can easily fold it to store away when not in use. Merax adjustable sofa is also perfect for home and office décor and is available in red, orange, coffee and other colors. It has also Pu leather bean bag which is the black version, others are Suede fabric and Linen fabric.

What we Liked
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • 5 position adjustment for back support
  • Sturdy steel frame gives chair its shape
  • Microfiber cover
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Soft padding
  • Ideal for video gaming
  • Does not take up space
What we Don’t Liked
  • Can be too low for older persons
  • No center padding for the back

Extra large stuff ‘n sit-stuffed animal storage bean bag

Tired of the never ending litter of stuffed animals around the home? The stuff ‘n sit storage bean bag is your dream come true. The extra large cotton bag has a capacity to hold a lot of stuffed animals even as it double serves as a cozy bag seat for kids. This bean bag has strong and durable stitches with a zipper closure and can endure whatever rigor your child will put it through. Choose from the different colors available in the market and set your kids for a wonderful beany experience.

What we Liked
  • Hand and machine wash safe
  • Helps to de-clutter the room
  • Available in different creative designs
  • It is a comfortable chair to sit on when stuffed
  • You can easily store away your blankets, stuffed toys, and clothes
  • Has a zipper closure
What we Don’t Liked
  • Only the bean bag cover is sold.
  • Does not come with the stuffing and would require that you have enough materials to stuff in it

EDC Maker stuffed animal bean bag

Teach your kids to stay organized with this storage sack and you won’t have to worry about litters no more. Made of premium quality cotton fabric, the storage beanbag serves to store away stuffed animal toys, extra blankets, clothes and towels and still makes a comfortable seat for your kids to nap and play on. It creates a lively atmosphere for the kids to play, gist and sit while you read them a bedtime story. The beanbag is available in different colors and sizes, and with a convenient handle to carry or hang it when not in use.

What we Liked
  • Plush cotton fabric
  • Light weight
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Machine and hand wash safe
  • Long zipper closure with double head
  • Carrying handle
  • Fit for home décor
What we Don’t Liked
  • Single stitch
  • Rips open easily especially when packed to full

Big Joe Dorm bean bag chair

Big Joe beanbags represent quality in all sense. This particular dorm chair is built for comfort as you recline in it to read a novel or follow up your favorite TV show. Its SmartMax fabric is stain resistant, water proof, and easy to clean with a damp cloth. It also has a built in handle which makes it easy to carry around the room, while it built in side pocket stores your phone, remote and also keeps your novel within arm’s reach. Enjoy the ease that comes with the zip lock refillable bean bag with double stitched covers for a more durable use. The UltimaX beans filling are sold separately.

What we Liked
  • Has a back rest for support
  • Lightweight
  • Has a carry handle for easy portability
  • Suitable for adults and kids
  • Filled with 100% recyclable beans
What we Don’t Liked
  • The chair may lose its structure after a while as the beans flattens with use
  • Refilling the bag is tedious and quite difficult especially filling the pellets into the arms
  • Cost more to refill

Big Joe Roma chair, Zebra

Like other Big Joe bean sacks, the Roma chair is made with a durable SmartMax fabric. This covering is stain resistant, waterproof and very easy to clean. The Roma chair has double stitches all over to withstand the different handling from kids and adults while its double zipper is a proof strength and durability. The Big Joe Roma chair is available in a variety of colors.

What we Liked
  • Great sac for adults
  • Filled without being heavy
  • Made of quality material
  • Sturdily built and lightweight
  • A refillable bag
What we Don’t Liked
  • Offers no back support
  • Insufficient stuffing
  • Beans filling are bought separately
  • Too firm on purchase and requires sometime to break in
  • Doesn’t hold its shape for long

Birdrock Home adjustable memory foam floor chair

May we suggest to you the Birdrock home floor chair? It is a perfect chair for relaxation and very suitable for gaming. It has a softly padded back support to keep you seated for long without cramps while it is held in shape by a wooden frame. The chair is covered with a soft cozy fabric and padded with lots of chopped memory foams to keep you comfortable while on it. Its 14-position adjustable feature makes it one of the best floor chairs we recommend for adults as it offers the flexibility and support you need to enjoy different activities on the chair.

What we Liked
  • Offers full back support
  • Very flexible
  • 14-positions adjustable
  • Wooden frame for chair rigidity
  • Memory foam padding
  • Soft fabric cover
What we Don’t Liked
  • It has single stitches
  • Too short to give neck support
  • May be too low for older adults to get on and off especially in cases of weak bones

Cozy Sack 8-feet Extra Large bean bag chair

Are you in search of the perfect chair for a family movie time, or do you need a chair to stretch out on while playing your video game? We recommend this 8-feet extra large cozy sack for the best experience. Cozy sack has an attractive microfiber cover which is worn over an inner protective liner and fastened with a child safety zipper. The inner liner contains virgin urethane foam stuffing that bounces back to its normal shape after every use. The bag molds to your body shape and gives a comfortable sitting position you won’t wish to get up from. Cozy sack is a refillable bag and its microfiber cover can be removed for washing which means no worries about dirt.

What we Liked
  • Sturdy and firm
  • Hand and machine wash safe
  • Expandable filler
  • High quality cover and filling material
  • Protective liner
  • Refillable
What we Don’t Liked
  • Single stitching
  • Heavy
  • Does not sit like a couch
  • Takes up to 8 Feet space in the room

Comfy sack 6ft lounger memory foam bean bag chair

Every home needs a comfortable seat with a touch of class. While sofas can be quite expensive, one comfy sack in your home is a cheap alternative, and will provide what you expect from a sofa. The 6-feet lounger consists of a very soft removable outer cover and an inner liner where the memory foam blend is stuffed. The memory foam is soft when broken apart and does not compress but bounces back to its original shape after every use. The comfy sack extra protected by double stitched seams that can withstand tough handling. The round shaped sack can comfortably take two adults and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes. What’s more is the 5 year warranty you get on every comfy sack you purchase which covers the seams, the liner, cover and zipper.

What we Liked
  • High quality
  • Comfortable
  • Expands to its full size after a while
  • Takes up to two adults at once
  • Perfect for lounging
  • Durable and safe
  • Positive
  • Machine washable
  • Extra protection from double stitched seams and zipper
What we Don’t Liked
  • Takes some stress to totally break in the memory foam, but well worth the stress once the foam softens
  • Heavy to carry around the room
  • Large and takes up much space
  • Requires two adults to remove the cover

How to Get the Best Bean Bag Chair

Why bean bag chairs?

Bean bags have gained a wide acceptance across the world as comfortable furniture. Unlike other chairs, bean bag is a sit-in chair is usually filled with soft fillings such as foams, polystyrene beads or polyurethane foams. It is designed in a way that makes it easy to mold to your body as you sit in it and to conveniently bear your weight. Though it lacks posture support, you can sit in the chair to watch your favorite TV show or relax with music. It is a perfect chair for children, teenagers and adults.

Type of bean bags

The bean bag chair is classified and sold in different types based on sizes, shapes, fillings and the make. You can choose from a wide variety such as the lounger, LoveSac, body fitter, 2 seater, saddle club, kiddies’ bean bags and lots. Each type has a different sitting position, even though they are all comfortable.

When classified by size, you will get bean bag chairs that fit perfectly for different age category. They include:

Baby bean bag is used especially for babies suffering from colic. The bean bag has been found to pacify crying babies and ease them into a comfortable sleep.


Kid bean bags are especially made for children to sit in or to play on. The bean bag is 4’6” tall with its circumference between 110-120 inches.

Large bean bags are ideal for young teenagers and adults. It provides more space to lounge and to sit on. The chair is 5’2” tall and a wide circumference of 130-140 inches.

The extra large and double extra large bean bags are meant for adults. Some are as big to conveniently take four to five persons without squeezing. They are referred to as giant bean bags and can be a cheap alternative to couches or sofas.

A bean bag can also be classified by its filling. The standard fill gives a firm and solid seat like most cushions because the bean bag is filled traditionally with polystyrene beads. The foam fill on the other hand is soft and fluffy and can easily mold into the body because it is filled with foam pieces and sewn tight. Bean bags are also filled with coffee beans, Styrofoam, polypropylene, micro-beads or polyurethane foam. Some bean bags also contain mixed fillers to add or give an improved comfort. The type of filling used in a bean bag will determine how soft or solid the seat will be. Each filling offers different sitting experience.

By shape, a bean bag could be round, square or oblong. The round bags are the most common and generally accepted because it fits perfectly in the room and can be used for different relaxation intents. Square shaped bean bags are also available, but are mostly recognized as foot rests. Extended bean bags are like a twist to the normal shapes but are usually long and have the capacity to take more than one person. Some bean bags are also constructed for gaming comfort. These types usually have a round open base that tips out to a particular end. Another type of bean bag is the novelty bag. This doesn’t have a definite shape and can take any design from floral to cartoon animations. These novelty bags are stylish and colorful and made especially for kids.

Based on its use, bean bags can be for entertainment, outdoor purposes, games and more often used for relaxation. The bean bag meant for outdoor use is usually made with highly durable materials in other to bear harsh conditions like cold, heat; and extreme use that may cause frays or tearing of the seams. Bean bags are also used in throw games, footbag or dodgeball, though a smaller bean bag (usually referred to as hacky sack) may be required for this. In some cases, bean bags are also used as décor. You find them around the room, hallway and offices.

Bean bag chairs are made with materials such as leather, suede, micro fiber, fabric or linen as the case may be. The material used will determine how long the bag can hold up, its durability, resistance to harsh factors and ease of use. While most bean bags are made with washable materials such as fabric or suede, others can be wiped clean to remove stains or dusts. Bean bags are sealed by stitching all ends close either by single or double stitching, though the latter is more preferred, but some bean bags Have zippers at the endpoint.

The advantage of zippered bean bags over stitched is that zippered bags are easier to wash or refill when necessary, while stitched bags would need to be cut open and re-stitched when it is necessary to wash or refill. This is why most close-stitched bags are made with easy to clean materials like leather.

Knowing the perfect bean bag for you

There are so many bean bags in the market today, so much that you are left to decide which one is the best to take home with you. You may be drawn to the color and attractiveness of one, whereas it is not the best for you. How then can you solve the problem of choice? How do you know if the bean bag you are about to pick is the perfect fit for you, your child or your family? Before you make that payment, read through these short tips that will guide your choice of the perfect fit.

  • Who is the chair for? Are you buying the chair for yourself, your kids or for the whole family? Once you are able to answer this, you will be able to go to the section where you can easily find the chair for the age group.
  • What is it meant for? What you intend to use the chair for will guide your choice of chair. You will choose the chair with the best material, color and size suitable for its intended purpose. Is the chair meant for outdoor activities? Then you need to go for bag with polyester or leather material. These are designed to be water and harsh weather resistant. They are also very easy to clean. Furthermore, such bags will have to be easy to carry about and probably fit into your vehicle should you need to take them to a distant place.
  • Your space: the size of your space will determine the size of bag you go for. You cannot get an extra large chair for a kid’s space nor can you buy a kid’s bean bag to fit a space that should take a family-size bean bag.
  • Weight and portability: Before you buy that bean bag, ask yourself if you can carry it easily across the room should the need arise. Some bean bags are heavy, due to the type of filling used in them whereas some are very lightweight despite the size.
  • Style and preference: you need to consider your preference and style before buying that bean bag. It will help you choose the right color, design and shape of bean bag. Your home style and setting will also determine the shape and design of bean bag to get. if you get a wrong one, it will be like putting a round peg in a square hole.
  • Ease of cleaning: this factor is very important in your choice of bean bag. You will be able to choose a bean bag with material that is easy to clean. Some bean bags can be wiped clean, while some require washing. Either way, you get to choose the type that is most convenient for you.

Factors to consider before buying a beanbag chair

  • Type and quality

We have discussed the types of beanbag chairs you can find in the market today. The quality of a beanbag will determine how much you spend and how long it lasts. It is better to buy a quality product than to keep changing bean bag every year.

  • Use

Some beanbags are suitable for outdoor use while some are only meant to be used indoors. The ideal bean bag for outdoor use is often designed to have rolling casters at the base. This will allow you to move the bags about easily without leaving a scratch on the base. Most outdoor bean bags are also made with waterproof and harsh weather resistant materials.

  • Comfort

The comfort level of one beanbag differs from another. This is as a result of the difference in material, filling, shape and construction of the bags. Beanbags filled with foam tend to be softer and fluffier than that filled with beads or beans. While some bags provide a solid and upright sitting position, another may allow you to lay cuddled up in it as it molds into your body. The latter type is more preferred for relaxation and mostly used by kids.

  • Cost

The price of beanbags varies depending on the type of material and filling used. The purpose of the beanbag chair can also determine how high or low its price maybe, but you will definitely get your money’s worth.

  • Ease of cleaning

This is very important to consider because you will definitely need to clean the bags after a long use. Some can be wiped clean on a daily basis like other home furniture, while others would need to be hand washed or machine washed before being restored to their bright color. Either way, you get to choose the best that seems convenient for you.

  • Durability

Almost all beanbags tear up or bursts after a while, but the quality you get will determine how long it takes before it frays or tear open. Some bean bags are not totally closed, but have zipper ends which lets you change the cover whenever it wears out or get torn.

  • Safety

Because of their curious nature, children may try to find out what lies hidden in the bag and this could be hazardous. For this reason, it is best to go for beanbags with recyclable and non-suffocating fillings as fillers such as beads can be swallowed by kids while playing. For bean bags with fur materials, it is important to keep it clean all the time because furs can hide lots of dirt and particles that could lead to allergies, thereby posing a risk to one’s health

  • Stitching and liners

Beanbags are usually closed with single or double stitches. This is because a double stitch last much longer and shows quality. This will prevent spills when the bag gets torn. Some beanbags also have inner liners that can be removed whenever the over needs to be washed. The inner liners also serve as extra protection for the bag to prevent spills when bag is torn. Inner liners tend to make the chair uncomfortable while some round shaped beanbags don’t use liners.

Tips on maintaining a clean beanbag

  • For bags with replaceable covers, be sure to replace the covers when worn out or frayed to avoid spilling of fillers when bag is torn.
  • For leather and polyester cover, ensure to wipe the surfaces clean on a daily basis except if it is stored away.
  • Since cover materials like corduroy, fur, suede and other fabrics store dirt longer, keep them washed once in two weeks or whenever it get stained. This will allow the bag to retain its brightness
  • Avoid leaving it outside for long as direct sunlight can cause fading
  • Ensure you dry the bag or covers when wet. A damp beanbag can get moldy which is not safe for your health.
  • Wash with machine only if recommended


When it comes to comfort, bean bags are among the best rated comfortable furniture in the home, which is why we recommend you get one now. You can go through the buyers’ guide for ideas on how to select the best bean bag chair and enjoy the comfort you have been missing out on for so long. Bring your home alive by getting the best bean bag chair for gaming today. Your family will thank you for it.

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