Best Chair Glides For Hardwood & Tile Floors

Sometimes we do not understand the importance of having best chair glides for hardwood floors to place our favorite furniture (table, sofa, cupboard, small size ladder and so on) bottom. What may happen for that? We may lose the beauty of our well-decorated floors and furniture. Because without using appropriate glides, there is a high chance of breaking the furniture legs and getting the floor damaged easily by scratch or stink.

Particularly, if you have wooden, laminate, marble, linoleum, travertine and tile type hardwood and tile floors. Because this type of floor is not scratch, dust or spot resistant and even it may break down easily if you hit the floor strongly. Therefore, it is highly necessary to use furniture floor protectors classically chair glides as it uses roughly and unevenly compare to other fittings.

But as there are lots of glides available in the market, you may face trouble to choose the best one. If you are going to buy the glides for chair, then there is high chance to be cheated by the trick marketing policy of the seller. And considering all facts, we have presented here the top most picks of the market.

Chair Glides for Your Floor – Comparison

Heavy Duty Nail-on Anti-Sliding Felt Pad4.3Check Price
Heavy Duty Felt Pads for Wood Furniture and Hard Floor Surfaces 4.8Check Price
50pcs Round Heavy Duty Felt Furniture Pads4Check Price
X-PROTECTOR Premium TWO COLORS Pack Furniture Pads 133 piece! 4.6Check Price
63 Pack Chair Felt Pads – Self Stick Furniture Glides – Chair Floor Protector4.6Check Price
Heavy Duty Felt Core with Anti Slip Rubber4.7Check Price
MelonBoat Chair Leg Floor Protectors with Felt Furniture Pads4.4Check Price
NancyProtectz Patented with Rubberized Grips/Chair Leg Floor Protector4.2Check Price

There are lots of appropriate glides available on the market in different shape, size, materials, and price. Again, glides vary (nails, rubber, cotton, adhesive, self-stick, grip and so on) according to the floor types. Here we are going to giving you a full details idea about the top most glides for hardwood and tile floors. We believe our information will help you to make your decision which will eventually lead you buy the great glides for your chairs.

1. 40 Pcs Round Heavy Duty Nail-On Anti-Sliding Felt Pad

Starting with the 40pcs Round Heavy Duty Nail-on Anti-Sliding Felt Pad. We must say GO-AHEAD with this product if you want to get a nail based gliders. Specifically, if you have hardwood and linoleum floor. Then do not forget to add this in your buying list as it is great for tile floors.

Because it has anti-sliding and non-slippery soft round pads that ensure smooth moving of the chair in Hardwood floors. You will be glad to know that, the nail-on installation is pretty straightforward and you can fix it yourself by using only a hammer. Consequently, the pads and nails materials are durable, non-toxic ABS plastic, high-density pad, and carbon steel nail.

So, undoubtedly this is a high-quality a summary, if you think of its functionality, it is a multi-functional, easy maneuver, long-lasting stick-on pads which are great glides for wood floors.

  • Strong material and construction.
  • Easy to use and set-up.
  • Nail based stick-on pads.
  • Premium quality.
  • Friction-free.
  • Noise –free.
  • 40 pieces within a cheap price.
  • Easy replacement.
  • You may need to do a pre-hole in the chair bottom to fix it appropriately.
  • You have to keep this away from children as it is steel nail based.
  • Available in only round shape.

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2. Nail-On Heavy Duty Felt Pads for Wood Furniture

If you have carpet or small/medium size rug at your home along with hardwood floor, you won’t go to buy separate glides for carpet area, right? But your lovable carpet may get scratch even ripped if you use a pure glider. Therefore, we have come up with a Nail-On Heavy Duty Felt Pads for Wood Furniture and Hard Floor Surfaces which is excellent glides for carpet.

You can even think it is the great glides for angled legs. As because it provides a smooth movement from carpet to floor area and vice-versa. With the help of soft touch pad, it stops unnecessary marring and scratches. On the other side, it reduces friction and performs a very quiet operation and you do not have to bear annoying chair scraping sound. Lastly not only the chair but also it is ideal for all types of furniture and comes with 48 pieces.

  • Heavy duty nail-on pad.
  • Instead of sharp, it has round nails.
  • Convenient to install and remove.
  • Durable and sophisticated design.
  • Made of fiber-based recycle eco-friendly material.
  • Only one shape is available. Round.
  • You need to make a small hole via drilling.

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3. 50pcs Round Heavy Duty Felt Furniture Pads

Glides are effective to protect your floor as when chairs are used in varieties ways (seating and leaning). So to make your chair more comfortable having your body steady position, we have 50pcs Round Heavy Duty Felt Furniture Pads. This pad is helpful in 3 ways. First, it has anti-slip and anti-scratch features that must require for any wooden and tile floors.

Secondly, its soft woolen fabric makes easy movement. And lastly holds chair position while using. Furthermore, this pad is stronger and hard-wearing than sticky glides and very easy to use.


  • Noise absorbing bumper on the touch pads.
  • Nail-on floor protector.
  • Keeps the vibration and friction nominal.
  • Wire bired type nails for natural settings.
  • Plastic made cup pad.
  • Right glides for hardwood floors.


  • You may face Drilling problem.
  • You have to maintain central position to make a hole.

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4. X-Protector Premium Two Colors Pack Furniture Pads 133 Piece

Now, if you want glide for chair to be more versatile, then you can have a look at X-PROTECTOR Premium TWO COLORS Pack Furniture Pads 133 piece. Because it has two types of color variety- brown and beige and total 133 pieces glides are included here. Likewise, it is completely a sticky glide and has 9 different sizes. You will be amazed to know that, it is made of super absorbable synthetic felt type fiber.

That is why, it is not only super effective for hardwood or laminate floor, but also it is the right chair glides for vinyl floors. Considering the installation, you can have the effortless installation in all furniture and electrical items also.


  • Multi-functional.
  • The diversity of sizes.
  • 2 stunning colors.
  • Reduces vibration and friction.
  • Reduces noise level.
  • Tough adhesive


  • Not long-lasting.
  • The pad will be damaged easily after excessive use.
  • Not good for big furniture’s.
  • Suitable for only tile floors.

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5. 63 Pack Chair Felt Pads – Self Stick Furniture Glides

Our last product is very simple to use and offers lifetime replacement warranty and acts unbelievably for all types of floors. It is all about Self Stick Furniture Glides from GRS products. It is a combo pack and comes in 3 different sizes. Plus, all are round shape and contains powerful adhesive.

Super sticky adhesive gets stuck with the furniture leg and does not move or fall. So, if you do not want to use nail-on glides, use this option you can think about.


  • Pads are thicker.
  • Sticky glue adhesive.
  • Contains 48 pads in one packet.
  • 3 different size and shapes.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Right felt pads for chair legs.


  • Works fine for chairs but not for other heavy furniture’s.
  • Less durable.

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6. SlipToGrip Prescored Furniture Grippers Review

Non-adhesive furniture grippers for hard floors that will prevent scars on the floor. You can maintain the elegance of the house intact by using these glides that come with a heavy-duty felt core.

One of the great glides for linoleum floors, hardwood, tile, marble, concrete and many more. Moreover, they come with solid felt core and anti-slip rubber construction ensuring a proper grip to the furniture as well as protecting the ground. These pads have scored shapes that are really easy to cut and come up with different shapes of your demand.

Anti-glue or nail on chair glides means you are required no adhesives to install these items under the furniture. You can also use them for different types of furniture other than chairs. These are waterproof substances that are great for wooden chairs. Being waterproof, they will prevent moisture to damage the wooden body of the items.

Overall, these are fabulous chair gliders that come with different benefits. You can use them on hard floors to put any furniture you have. Notably easy to cut into various shapes and simple to install.


  • Pre-scored shapes.
  • Anti-Slip Rubber with 3/8″ Solid Felt Core.
  • Requires No Adhesive.
  • Can be used for heavy furniture.
  • Protects hard floors and carpets.
  • Waterproof grippers.


  • Hard to shape with scissors.

An excellent product to keep your furniture crisp and dry from moisture as well as to protect the floor from scratches. You can surely check out these gripper pads. Check Latest Price

7. MelonBoat Chair Leg Floor Protectors Review

Using this felt glides to protect the floors can be an awesome idea. Because MelonBoat is presenting the true felt pads. It is a super-easy-to-use. This item comes with adequate clarity.

These glides are made of soft silicone gel ensuring a snug fit. As a result, you will find no difficulty putting these onto the chair-legs. MelonBoat glides have felt pads at the bottom. So when you slide the chair, it will not leave any mark or scratches on the floor. Meaning, your floor will remain unsullied as before.

These glides have a smart transparent design. They fit onto any chair leg perfectly and will remain unnoticeable. These felt glides are for hardwood, tile or laminate vinyl floor. That means no matter which floor you have, you are always in the winner’s position.

To put it briefly, these chair-leg glides are excellent to shield your floor from skidding scratches. To top it off, it has a clear silicone skin which does not spoil the look of your furniture.


  • Easy to slip on the chair-leg.
  • Offers snug fit like a glove.
  • Protective felt pads.
  • Suitable for different types of floor and chair-legs.
  • Made with transparent silicone material.


  • The skin is too thin, may not be long lasting.

To watch the floors get scratched and damaged is vexing. So why not you give this  glides a try to keep your floor unharmed? Check Latest Price

8. NancyProtectz Patented Chair Leg Floor Protector Review

This is one of the excellent glides for travertine, tile, hardwood or simply, for any floor. A patented item which ensures proper grip and becomes a thick barrier between the floor and the chair legs.

These glides are made of soft flexible fabric. Therefore, it can fit with any chair-leg shape. If you are looking for a square chair glide, these will do just fine. Besides, the glides have a rubberized grip inside, which is how it ensures a secure fit.

NancyProtectz glides feature double layered cotton as well as a spandex construction. Hence, they make out to be a cushy barrier between the floor and the chair leg. Most importantly, a wide range of shades and sizes are available. You can pick yours according to your favorite design and color.

These are made to last longer while showcasing a stylish design that suits numerous chair design. Overall, they ensure snug grip as well as fit just about any shape.

  • Patented with Rubberized grips.
  • Heavy-duty materials.
  • Easy to put on.
  • Come with six various design and color.
  • Offers a snug fit.
  • Very noticeable.

They are suitable for all floor types and offer a cushiony protective layer. So If you want the glides that are most protective for your floor, you can these chair-leg glides have a try.

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How to Protect Hardwood Floors From Furniture ?

Final Words

In this article, we mainly discuss with the self-sticky and nail-on best chair glides for tile floors also hardwood floor. It is to note that you may also get a lot of gliders made of various materials and shapes. But if you think of self-installation, we know, you will put an extra concentration on our selected products. Also, you can follow the page in about floor protection. Finally, to keep your valuable hardwood or tile floors nice, scratch-free and dirt free you can try our enlisted felt pads for furniture and get 100% satisfaction.

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